Things You Need To Know About Zelda's Demise (2023)

The Legend of Zelda series has become iconic. Not just for its amazing storytelling but one of the most well-known video game villains, Ganon. For those who haven't ever played Skyward Sword, major lore spoilers are ahead. The remake of this title which came out in 2011 on the Wii introduced the true origin story to every single Legend of Zelda title but most importantly gave us the background on why we always have a Ganon in almost every single game.

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It turns out Ganon's origins link back to Demise, the big bad revealed at the end of Skyward Sword. He had tried to take over the world but was thwarted by the Goddess Hylia. Demise planned to get his revenge but was ultimately defeated by Link and Zelda who was Hylia reincarnated. Upon his defeat, he placed a curse on both Zelda and Link's bloodlines vowing an incarnation of his hatred would always follow the hero and the goddess. Even though Demise appears in one title he is a pretty formidable opponent and the Zelda Wiki has a ton of info eagle eyes may have missed. He may be no Ganon but Demise will always play an important role in Zelda's history.

10 There Is A Reference To Him In Hyrule Warriors

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In Hyrule Warriors you get a chance to play as either the heroes or villains from most of The Legend of Zelda series. Ganondorf in this spin-off series takes on a very different look and feel. His design is very much a reference to Demise with long red hair, and his outfit is very symbolic of what Demise dons in Skyward Sword.

Ganondorf's weapons are also named after the first Demon King. They are known as The Swords of Demise and The Trident of Demise. It's a unique Easter Egg to signify their connection.

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9 You Can Deflect His Skyward Strike With A Cheeky Item

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Similar to other Zelda titles, you can use a funny item to deflect the final Boss's attacks. In Ocarina of Time, you could use a bottle to reflect Gannondorf's lightning strikes.

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In Skyward Sword the trend continues, and you can deflect Demise's Skyward Strikes with the Bug Net of all things. It's a very cheeky way to fight and looks pretty funny taking on this gigantic beast of a man with a simple item. One could even consider it a meme of sorts. Trust Nintendo to include hilarious unique ways to fight enemies.

8 His Sword Is Similiar In Design To The Master Sword

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Since Skyward Sword is the origin story of the iconic Master Sword as well as the connections between Link, Zelda and Ganon it only makes sense that Demise's sword would be similar in design. If you look closely you can see an upside-down version of the Triforce on his sword compared to the one Link wields.

It also has other features making it look like a dark twisted version of the Master Sword. Fi and Ghirahim are both revealed to be the living embodiment of both swords. This is a very cool design choice on Nintendo's part to further enhance the whole good vs evil plotline.

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7 Fi Refers To Demise As "It" Rather Than A "Man"

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When you target Demise with Fi she refers to him as an "it" rather than "he" or a"man" like others have in the game. This suggests Demise is gender-fluid.

She further goes on to explain that he is not a being with a stable physical form and due to that Demise's appearance will change depending on two factors, who sees them and when the encounter takes place.

6 Demise and The Imprisoned Appear In Super Smash Bros Ultimate As Spirits

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In the latest instalment of the Smash Bros. series, Smash Bros.Ultimate you can obtain both Demise and his alternate form of The Imprisoned as Primary Spirits.

You can obtain The Imprisoned through battling in World of Light, a Spirit Board, or as a purchase from The Vault Shop for 10,000G. Demise is summoned through cores from both Ghirahim and The Imprisoned.

5 Demise Isn't The Sole Holder Of The Title Of "Demon King"

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Demise may have been the first to hold the title of "Demon King" but he's not the only one in the Zelda Franchise to be known as that.

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Both Ganon and Malladus from Spirit Tracks also share the same name. Demise however will always be the first holder of that title that went on to set up a legacy of fear and awe that comes with the name.

4 You Can Face The Imprisoned In Hyrule Warriors

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Besides Ganon looking like Demise in the Hyrule Warriors series, The Imprisoned also makes an appearance.

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You actually get to face The Imprisoned multiple times as a boss in quite a few legend modes as well as in adventure mode. The mechanic to defeat it is the same as in Skyward Sword.

3 He May Return In Breath of The Wild 2

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From the first little tease to Breath of The Wild 2 where we saw Link and Zelda exploring a cave and coming across some mummified remains, rumours of who it was set the internet into serious speculation mode.

The obvious thought was that it is the return of Ganon but another theory suggests it may be Demise. Should Nintendo chose to bring him back that could set up a very interesting and intriguing storyline. We could also see a return to Skyloft.

2 Hyrule Historia Confirms Ganon's Signature Red Hair Is A Connection to Demise

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At the very end of the Skyward Sword Demise places a curse upon Link and Zelda's bloodlines stating the following:

"Extraordinary. You stand as a paragon of your kind, human. You fight like no human or demon I have ever known. Though this is not the end. My hate... never perishes. It is born anew in a cycle with no end! I will rise again. Those like you... Those who share the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero... They are eternally bound to this curse. An incarnation of my hatred shall ever follow your kind, dooming them to wander a blood-soaked sea of darkness for all time!"

The reincarnation of his hatred that has haunted all versions of Link and Zelda throughout the entire series is of course Ganondorf. When Hyrule Historia was published an entry confirms why Ganondorf also shares the same flaming red locks as Demise, it signifies his direct connection to the Demon King. Many keen-eye Zelda fans probably already made the connection when they first saw Demise in Skyward Sword, Hyrule Historia just had to make it official.

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Way before Skyward Sword came out we saw the Twilight Princess version of Ganondorf who was sporting an X- shaped scar in the middle of his chest. This would, later on, serve as his weak point when facing off against his Ganon form.

It wasn't until Skyward Sword came out we noticed that Demise also has a giant X -shaped scar on his forehead symbolizing where the sealing spike was during his time as The Imprisoned. By giving Twilight Princess Ganondorf the same scar it also forms a direct connection between the two besides the whole red hair thing. Clever on Nintendo's part for sure.

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